Digital Effector FONY XT-8

Danh mục:
  • Manufacturer: FONY – Technology USA
  • Made in China
  • Luxury goods. Genuine imported goods
  • Luxurious design, using Bunbrow and AKG chip components to decode, ANALOG DEVICES 21489 processor chip, support 32-40bit, 16bit ram, ENLA signal filter capacitor
  • Separate effect 2 modes, flying effect
  • Separate A-B mic with 20EQ
  • There are 8 ways out
  • Built-in wifi adjustment, Bluetooth music playback
  • Maximum input level: 4V (RMS)
  • Maximum output level: 4V (RMS)
  • Music channel gain: MAX: 12db
  • Microphone sensitivity: 64mV (external: 4V)
  • Signal/noise ratio: > 80db
  • Input voltage: -220V 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 482x172x44.5mm
  • Weight: 3.1kg