Audio Digital Processor FONY BM-4800

Danh mục:

Type: Audio Digital Processor (Controler)
◆Analog input ≥ 4 x XLR balanced.
◆Analog output ≥ 8 x XLR balanced.
◆Minimum load 150 ohm.
◆THD+N distortion ≥ 0.001% at 1kHz 0dBu.
◆S/N signal-to-noise ratio >110dBA.
◆Frequency response 0Hz – 20kHz; -0.5dBu at 20Hz and 20kHz.
◆AD & DA conversion ≥ 1 x AK5388 24bit, 2 x AK4396 24bit-96kHz.
◆DSP processing ≥ 24×32-bit filtering processing, ≥ 54-bit accumulating register, ≥ 96-bit precision intermediate data operation result.
◆Parametric EQ Filter with ≥ 13-band EQ on input / ≥ 11-band EQ on output.
◆Filter type All EQ filters can be set as Bell, Shev, Hi/Lopass, Bandpass and Notch Filters and All Pass Filters